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Lab-setup for Schools

For Grade 1-12

Equip your school with cutting-edge technology and foster innovation with our comprehensive lab setup, featuring state-of-the-art tools for AI, coding, robotics, AR/VR, and drone development.

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Robotics and AI Lab Setup

Rancho Labs plans to create specialized facilities within the school, specifically dedicated to AI and Robotics. These labs aim to offer students a chance to acquire and enhance crucial skills relevant to the 21st century. The labs will be furnished with various tools and resources to foster the development of a focused environment centered around robotics and AI.

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Customized Lab design as per requirements

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2D View of sample Lab

Tools setup for tinkering & DIY

Machine stations setup for soldering, cutting and drilling

Robotics and AI Lab Curriculum


  • DIY

  • Creative Problem Solving

  • Storyline


  • Block Programming

  • Microbit & its programming

  • Basic Sensors



  • Arduino

  • Debugging & Troubleshooting

  • C++ Programming

  • Real-life Problem Solving



  • IOT

  • Python Programming

  • Data Visualization

  • ML & AI





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Teacher for Curriculum Delivery

Model A: School Teacher Trained by Rancho Labs

10X Teacher Training Program

  • The selected teacher from the school will undergo a Technology Program led by IIT Delhi Technology Innovation Hub, IHFC.

  • The teacher will have mentorship support throughout the year.

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Powerful Progress Tracking System

Providing a complete tech ecosystem considering all the stakeholders with a visible output.

Student Dashboard
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24/7 access to the dashboard to students

Students can access and learn at home after lab

Direct assignment submission and evaluation

Track the progress of students in an easy manner

Student's profile building and easy sharing of projects

Student Profile: Ready to share portfolio with school branding

Ready to share portfolio for every student

It can be used to measure or showcase the growth of students

Digital report-card for tech educational growth of the kid


Industry recognized certificate by Rancho Labs - an IHFC IIT Delhi backed organization

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Other Add-on Services

Patent Filing

Rancho Labs offers patent filing services for schools, helping protect and monetize innovative ideas and technologies students and faculty develop.


Competition Preparartion

Rancho Labs offers competition preparation services for schools, helping students and faculty prepare and practice for technical and innovation-based competitions



Rancho Labs offers exhibition services for schools, showcasing innovative projects and technologies developed by students to the wider community.


A Trip to IIT Delhi

Rancho Labs offers an educational trip to IIT Delhi, where students explore labs like Ruhtag Lab, inspiring future scientists and engineers.


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