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Smart Parenting In The Digital Age

Technology is considered as both a blessing and a curse. It may be utilised positively for education to provide 21st century skill sets to the kids. On the other hand, it may also keep kids addicted to electronic devices. As a parent, it is your responsibility to understand technology and balance the use of technology in your child’s life for their overall growth and development.

Here are a few ways by which you can be a positive parent and help your child grow up in an atmosphere that will benefit their development greatly.

Tips For Positive And Smart Parenting

1. Learn More About Technology

Today,kids may be more educated about technology and the internet than parents. But adults better understand the consequences of losing self-control and the importance of keeping balance between things.To bridge the gap, make an effort to learn how digital gadgets and the present technology works, how they may help children,and the risks which children may be exposed to while using them. The more you learn, the better you will be able to supervise your kids.

2. Explain Importance of Real-Life Interaction

Children frequently consider digital gadgets and social networking applications as replacements for face-to-face interaction. However, as we all know, this is not the case

Although there are justifications for social media being beneficial for children’s social life, you must teach them the importance of real-world social connections for both physical and mental health. Humans are known to be social animals, with research indicating that those who are more socially active have longer lives.Your kids must realise that no amount of digital technology can substitute for face-to-face social interactions.

3. Talk To Your Kids

Experts believe that talking to your child, rather than using parental security applications and filters, is the best approach to manage the use of technology. When parents are sneaky about restrictions, kids see it as a challenge and try to find a way through it. It is better to be honest. Explain why you need to create boundaries. Explain why some kinds of information are unhealthy for them. Always be available to them if they have any questions or concerns regarding the information available online.

4. Set a Good Example

Children are keen observers! No amount of scolding or enforcing regulations will help if you don’t practise healthy digital habits around the home yourself. Limit the usage of mobile phones or electronic gadgets while you’re at home.Try to separate your professional and personal time. In fact, interacting, caressing, and playing with your children rather than gazing at a computer will make you more approachable to and connected with them.

5. Build a Strong Relationship

Very often, children may get engrossed in the cyberworld without realising the value of family time. If your kid is exposed to digital gadgets for an extended period of time, he or she will become increasingly distant from family. This is why you must reserve time on a daily basis to bond with your child. This has to be as simple as some time away from technology for you and your child to get involved together. Here are some ideas for bonding activities- Ensure that your family eats together most nights of the week, take your child on family outings, read a book aloud to your child, baking or cooking together, etc.

6. Share Screen Time

When your kids are using electronic devices, co-view, co-play, and co-engage with them-it stimulates personal relationships, bonding, and learning. Play video games with your children. It’s a great way to demonstrate your sportsmanship and gaming etiquettes. Watch a TV show with them; you’ll get to share your own life experiences and perspectives with them, along with providing guidance. Don’t simply keep an eye on them while they are online; connect with them so you can understand what they’re up to and try to be a part of it.

7. Become a Student

As a parent, you often want to teach your child all that you know in order for their proper growth and development in life.However, sometimes it is necessary to allow your children to teach you something new. Children are extremely inquisitive about a wide range of topics. Find something they’re enthusiastic about and engage yourself in it.Encouraging them to teach you what they know will gradually boost their confidence.

Again, this process may be carried out in the absence of a smart device. However, encouraging your kid to perform more research on a topic they are interested in using the internet will encourage appropriate online behaviour and motivate them to use a digital device as a learning tool.

8. Consider The Age of Your Children

As your child grows older and more responsible, make age-appropriate adjustments. For example: When your kids are small, have a basic rule in place, such as “no Internet use.” During their early school years, explore the internet with them, go together through it , educate and guide them to the right things. During the adolescent years, gradually move to letting children use the Internet and explore more on their own. For late teenagers and young adults,have faith in them to make wise decisions and allow them to negotiate independently.

Although technology may provide significant benefits for your child’s development, particularly in terms of access to educational resources, it can also pose significant risks.It is important to educate yourself before allowing your kids to freely utilize technology.

Being a parent is tough no matter what the circumstances are. Parenting in the digital world is especially challenging since you will be responsible for monitoring your child’s online activities while keeping them away from malicious content or experiencing the negative consequences associated with overuse of technology.

Utilize some of the suggestions in this article to remain on top of your child’s well-being, and try to use the right tools to monitor your child’s online activities to ensure that they grow up using technology safely and positively.

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