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Robotics and AR/VR labs

Transforming traditional classrooms into hubs of innovation, our Robotics and AR/VR Labs empower the future by offering immersive AI and Robotics education. Dive into a realm of knowledge with interactive robots, hands-on projects, and real-world applications.
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Have any questions? Feel free to connect with a 'Rachovian' an experienced rancho lab Partner who will answer any questions you have regarding academic goals as well as the unique needs of the learner.


Services we offer

Check out the range of services we provide to schools, clubs, and students.

Robotics & AI Labs For School

Equipping your school with cutting-edge robotics and AI labs goes beyond just having fancy equipment. It's an investment in preparing your students for the future. Let's delve deeper

Robotics and AI Lab

Our dedicated AI and Robotics labs are designed to empower individuals with essential 21st-century skills. Immerse yourself in a cutting-edge environment equipped with a range of tools, providing the perfect space to learn, experiment, and create within a robotics and AI-focused ecosystem.


Our AR/VR labs offer hands-on learning for students. Our experts guide you through immersive experiences, making complex concepts easy to understand. Gain skills to conquer the world of AR&VR without the need for extensive theoretical study.


Fuel your curiosity and explore new skills with our engaging workshops! We offer a diverse range of programs designed specifically for different grade levels, ensuring each participant has an age-appropriate and enriching learning experience.

Summer Tech Camp

Engage in thrilling experiences like robot design, programming challenges, obstacle course navigation, and competitive events. Students will cultivate vital skills in problem-solving, teamwork, and communication, all while enjoying themselves and creating unforgettable memories.

Grades 3-12: Robotics, Coding & AI

An exploratory one-day event designed for students in grades 3rd to 12th , this workshop offers an engaging introduction to Coding, Robotics, and AI. Students will delve into theory, logic, programming, circuitry, and hands-on robotics projects, fostering their confidence and creativity in the world of technology.

About Rancho Labs


Founded by IIT Delhi Alumni

During their B.Tech studies at IIT Delhi, Anshul Agrawal and Aman Kumar founded Rancho Labs, driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to revolutionize education beyond conventional approaches. They strongly believe that discovering and pursuing one's passion early in life is the key to achieving excellence in any chosen field.


Incubated and Funded by IHFC IIT Delhi

Backed by the Technology Innovation Hub of the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Rancho Labs has established a trustworthy reputation. Trusted by over 10,000 parents and innovators worldwide, we are recognized for our reliability and commitment to excellence.​


Our AI & Robotics Lab Kits Propel Schools into the Next Dimension!"

Our lab kits are meticulously crafted to provide schools with comprehensive resources, empowering educators and students alike. With hands-on activities, advanced robotics components, and intuitive AI tools, these kits transform traditional classrooms into dynamic spaces of exploration.

A Structured Curriculum and Resources That Mold Future Innovators"

At Rancho Labs, our structured curriculum and resources are not just tools for education – they are pathways to unlocking the full potential of future innovators. Join us on this transformative journey, where education becomes an exciting exploration of possibilities and a preparation for a dynamic future.


Exhibit your student’s growth in your school!

Rancho Labs offers you the chance to organize an AI and Robotics Exhibition within your school, showcasing numerous projects and models crafted by your students. This initiative not only fosters growth but also instills confidence in the participating students.

Fueling Competitive Drive

At Rancho Labs, we understand the transformative power of artificial intelligence, and our programs are tailored to not only educate but to instill a competitive spirit in individuals ready to conquer the challenges of tomorrow.


Rancho Labs: STEM Champions for NEP 2023

Rancho Labs empowers students with in-demand STEM skills aligning with NEP 2023 goals.


  • Focuses on equipping students with STEM skills as emphasized in NEP 2023 with our Robotics, Coding, AI & AR/VR program.

  • To build a diverse and empowered generation.

Empowering Kids with the Right Future Skills

With the hands-on approach to AI, Coding, Robotics, and STEM, we cultivate a generation of innovators by providing the 21st-century skills to unleash the true potential of young minds. 

Coding - Graphical & Python
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
AR & VR Tech
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Internet of Things (IoT)
Biomimetic Robot
Advanced Robotics


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