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Game Development For Beginners

How would you feel if you had the power to change reality and create a completely new world? A reality situated in space! Perhaps a world set-up in the oceans or seas where you must battle with pirates! Well,creating such a new reality in the actual world might be impossible, but it can certainly be done in the world of Game Development.

Game development is becoming increasingly popular.This might be due to the fact that video games are becoming widely attractive,and people now not only want to participate in them but also create them! So, if you’re looking to get started with Game Development, this blog is for you.It will familiarise you with the fundamentals and provide you with a variety of resources to help you begin your game development journey.

What is Game Development?

Game development simply refers to the entire process of developing a video game. And if you think creating a video game is as simple as playing one,you might be wrong. Many aspects have to come together in the development of a game, such as storyline,characters, audio,art,lighting,and so on,to create an entirely new world in a video game!

Many people believe that if they are good game game players,they will automatically be good game developers. But that’s not the case.You might have an edge if you are a good game player because you already know something about game plots,players, levels,etc. But that’s all. Actually,game playing and game development are two very distinct disciplines,and the abilities you get in one will not necessarily benefit you in the other. For example,just because you enjoy reading books doesn’t guarantee that you’ll become a good writer as well. So you must get into game development only if you are enthusiastic about game programming and truly want to develop a game.

Different Components in Game Development

There are several components in game development that may be handled by a single developer working alone on a game or by a group of individuals working together. So,if you want to enter into Game Development, you must first learn about the various components of this field so that you may pick the ones that interest you the most.

  1. Narrative/Story- Everything has a story, and that holds true for video games as well. Your narrative might have a very simple linear structure, or it can have a non-linear structure with plot changes based on characters. The main concept is that your players should be attracted by a captivating storyline.

  2. Characters- Can you think of a story that doesn’t have any characters? No! Because,after the plot,the characters are the most important aspect of any video game.You must decide on the characters’ appearances and personality, as well as how fast they should move, their manners and qualities,etc.

  3. Audio- Audio is the heart and soul of video games.That means it should support the game while being subtle.You must choose from a variety of sounds in the gaming world, such as player sounds, background music,etc. to build a realistic and convincing video game.

  4. Art- Video games are essentially responsive art- visual art with optical illusions. As a result,this element is crucial since it determines how the player would feel about the game.The game texture, game lighting, 3D modelling of characters and objects, effects to produce fire, fog, and snow, etc. are all examples of art in video games.

  5. Lighting- In video games, all of the lighting is clearly artificial yet it is crucial for setting up the mood of the player. Less lighting is associated with horror or thriller games, and more lighting is related to adventure or fun games. In dangerous challenges, lighting may also be a key component, with darker regions offering shelter for players.

  6. Levels- Every great video game has a number of levels that grow in difficulty as the game progresses.In games, levels are represented by multiple stories,different buildings, or even other countries(depending on the game),and each level might have a variety of possible routes that eventually lead to the next level. Developing games with alternative path options for various levels is an important aspect of game development.

How To Start With Game Programming?

Now that you’ve learned about all of the components involved in game development, the concepts mentioned below would help you understand the fundamentals of learning game development. After learning them, you should be able to build a fairly good game and then continue to build a more sophisticated world.

1. Learn Computer Programming Languages

Computer programming is used to develop the fascinating world-view in a game. As a result, if you wish to work in this field,you’ll need to know how to programme. Now, if you have some fundamental coding knowledge in programming languages like C++,C#, Python,Java,and others, that’s fantastic; otherwise, you should study programming before proceeding.

Game development does not involve the utilization of a specific programming language. However, C++ is the most popular game development language as well as the most often used language for game engine development. Counter-Strike, King Quest,World of Warcraft, are a few examples of games developed with the help of C++. Java is another popular language because it supports multithreading and sockets. A popular Java-based game is Angry Birds Chrome.

2. Choose a Game Engine

A game engine is basically the software that is necessary for the game programme to run smoothly.If you’re new to game development, it’s better to start with one that’s well-known.They’re important in general since they provide 2D or 3D graphics output, audio support, animation, collision detection, artificial intelligence,networking, and other features for your games.

Unity is the most popular game engine since it is simple to learn and includes a free personal version. Unreal Engine is another famous gaming engine that can be customised to produce unique games. It makes little difference which Game Engine you choose; what matters is that you stick with it and learn it well enough to use it in future projects.

3. Make a Simple Game

Now that you have a basic understanding of game development, make a simple game. Keep your project around a week or so since the most essential thing right now is that you learn the basics,not that you become a master overnight. It will primarily guide you about the three concepts of the Game Loop, i.e.initialise, update, and draw,which are at the core of any game development.

4. Understand Game Design Patterns

Now that you know how to make a video game, it’s time to get a little more complicated with Game Design Patterns. Many Game Design Patterns exist,which are essentially templates for creating modular code that may be utilised to solve any recurring problem in game development.For e.g. destroying a spaceship with multiple asteroids.

Object pooling,Flyweight,Prototype,Observer,etc.are a few examples. It’s preferable to learn these Game Patterns first and then apply them to a variety of games. This will help you in understanding the different benefits and impacts that Game Design Patterns may have on overall game development.

Game Programming Patterns by Robert Nystrom is a wonderful book for understanding Game Design Patterns and will go through numerous Design Patterns to help you improve your game.

5. Understand 3D Visuals and Related Maths

You can’t build a video game without graphics, therefore you must learn about them. While 2D graphics were popular in the mid-1990s, today’s most popular games require 3D visuals,which may be rendered in Fixed 3D,First-person perspective,Third-person perspective,and other ways to give the game a realistic feel.

So,if you want to develop interesting games, you need to be familiar with computer graphics as well as the mathematics that underlies them. Linear Algebra,that deals with linear equations, matrices, and vectors, is sometimes involved in developing games. You may easily manipulate the 3D world of your game to produce magical effects if you understand these concepts.

There are a lot of elements involved in developing a game that people will like and enjoy. However, we believe you are up for the challenge — you are already here. You’re reading this, looking at links and videos,and conducting your own research. When you have enthusiasm, you can do anything.You’re about to start working on something very amazing. We wish you the best of luck!

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