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Why Your Child Should Pursue Coding at a Young Age?

Top 5 Reasons for Kids to Learn Programming

No, by reading the headline — we don’t intend to pressurize you or your kids to learn coding!

We mean, if your kid is 6+ years old, he needs to develop an insightful perception sooner or later. Real-world life is totally different from what our traditional teachers have taught us. These days, the educational institutes will inject the worms in children’s brains, make them mug up things and prepare them just for the examinations! Wait, what about decision-making skills, thinking during critical times, and logical thinking for solving a real-world problem in his 30s-40s??

Let us tell you, how you can inculcate those qualities in your child at a young age! Here are the top 5 reasons why learning coding is important:

1. Coding is Itself a Language

Exposing the kiddos to different languages strengthens their verbal, written and cognitive skills. Similarly, coding linguistics will teach them logical thinking.

You might ask how? Language shows children about how to communicate and how to think logically. It improves both auditory and writing abilities. At a young age, children should be introduced to a variety of languages. It allows them to have a deeper understanding of the vocabulary-world around them. It’s as if coding had its own language. Every letter in the alphabet is represented by a unique set of 0s and 1s.

This 0s and 1s instruct the technology surrounding us about how to work. What better way for our children to understand why and how the technology around them works than for them to learn to code and communicate with it?

2. Develops Flexibility

It’s usually difficult at a young age to come back in the field after facing a failure. They learn that failure isn’t necessarily a bad idea; it can be beneficial since it provides an incentive to learn from the past mistakes.

One of the most compelling arguments for children to learn to code is that they can soon discover that ‘debugging’ the code is fun.

3. Fosters Creativity

Creativity is part of the process and not always the product! They will have the opportunity to create something that is unique. They rely on the optimistic reviews they receive as a result of making something they admire.

They are in constant hunger of inspiration to learn a language or play instruments. Don’t hamper their individuality — coding can be their first step towards this!

4. Secures Future

Coding- an extremely useful skill to possess! Computer code is being used by a growing number of companies, not just those in the IT industry. A kid who learns to code will have an asset in life, with more job prospects possible in the future, regardless of whether they want to work in the technology market, banking, retail, health care, or another profession. This is one of the most valid reasons for coding to be learned in classrooms.

Kids adore games and amusement zones, so keeping them occupied while they master the code is important. After that, take advantage of the many free and well-designed online and offline coding courses available, and eventually, become a tutor to your children and teach them to code in a more enjoyable manner. Nevertheless, the variety of coding education options is extensive. As a result, there are applications, blogs, camps and personal tutors that teach coding to children, so choose the right course for your child!

5. Good Career Prospects

Coding offers great earning potential. The income opportunities for computing and programming practitioners is one of the best and most visible draws of learning to code. For a number of occupations, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) keeps track of wage and other relevant employment data.

Take a look at the median annual wage data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) for these coding and programming-related jobs in 2019:

$73,760 for web developers

$83,510 for network and operating infrastructure managers

$86,550 for computer programmers

$93,750 for database managers

$107,510 for software engineers

According to another analysis around half of the positions costing $57,000 or more a year, according to labor market research company Burning Glass, are in professions that usually require candidates to have at least some computer coding skills. In reality, jobs that need coding skills pay $22,000 more a year on average than jobs that do not. They’re also among the top ten highest-paying workers in the country.

Now you must be wondering where can your kid supposedly start his or her journey in programming? Here, we come!

The live coding classes by IITian mentors from Rancho Labs has proven to help children discover their passion in Coding, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Join us to explore the field of programming that benefits children in ways one can’t imagine.

Cheers to all the new adventures your child’s set to go! :)

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