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Top 10 Robotics Competitions for Kids

The field of Robotics is growing in amazing ways and is eventually becoming a part of our daily life. Robotics and STEM competitions have grown in popularity.Thousands of contestants compete in these events from all around the world. Student robotics competitions contribute to enhancing interest of students in science. Robotics competitions help children of all ages to explore this field. Here we discuss Top 10 Robotics Competitions for Kids,organised by various institutes.

Why Should Kids Participate in Robotics Competitions?

  • Participating in Robotics Competitions makes STEM subjects easy for kids to learn and absorb.

  • Plays a critical role in making learning more enjoyable for kids.

  • Improves the critical thinking, problem-solving abilities and communicative skills.

  • Improves teamwork, leadership, and time management.

  • These competitions also enable children to find new friends who are equally enthusiastic about STEM as they are.

  • It is an excellent team-building activity for kids, allowing them to strengthen their social skills and gain confidence.

  • Earn outstanding scholarships and increase your chances of admission to prestigious colleges.

  • Gain experience of working in high-pressure, and demanding situations.

Aren’t these reasons enough?

Here are the Most Popular Robotics Competitions for Kids

1. WRO India

Since 2006, the World Robot Olympiad India (WRO India) has been one of India’s major Robotics Competitions for Kids.It is a non-profit event which is organised by The India STEM Foundation. Students between the ages of 6–19 years are eligible to compete in this elementary robotics competition. The World Robot Olympiad is a science, technology, and education event that brings together young talents from all over the world to compete in rigorous and educational robotics challenges in order to enhance their creativity and problem-solving abilities. The participants are confronted with a variety of challenges, which include WeDo, Advanced Robotics Challenge, WRO Brick Set Challenge, and WRO Football, among many other events.

2. B.E.S.T Robotics Design Competition

BEST is one of the world’s finest Robotics Competition for Kids. The event is ideal for junior and high school students. The competition lasts six weeks and encourages students to explore their most creative ideas. Students must design and build a robot within the time frame of the competition. The constructed robot will then compete against other robots by completing a few tasks within a stipulated time.The most distinct aspects of this tournament are the new educational theme/challenge and field each year, as well as the fact that the Challenge and field are kept secret until the Kick Off Day.

3. SP Robotics Works

SP Robotics is India’s first robotics premier league, in which 50 robotics teams compete for the title of Robotics Champion. The initiative encourages young innovators to be creative with their design and offers them a platform to show off their Robotics skills. The competition is open for both school and college students, and its various challenge-based rounds have garnered national attention and popularity. Robo Soccer, Self-Driving Car Challenge, and Save the City Challenge are some of the tasks which participants need to face in this competition.

4. RobotFest

RobotFest- It is an autonomous robotics competition that aims to increase interest in STEM among kids in India. Every year, a large number of applications are received for this competition, which is available to children all the way from those in the fourth grade until college.The goal of this primary robotics competition is to motivate kids to develop their design and automation skills. The initiative also aims to encourage young minds to invent and develop robots capable of performing different technical tasks.

5. FIRST: Robotics Competition

For the FIRST Robotics Competition, the participants are required to create an industrial-sized robot. It is a high school robotics competition organised on a global level. Each year, teams of high school students, coaches, and mentors work for six weeks to create robots weighing up to 125 pounds which would compete in that year’s game. This competition is wonderful because it gives kids a bird’s-eye view of their growth process. The kids must raise funds, conduct study on robotics, and finally construct their own bot. While they have a professional mentor who oversees their activities, the most of the heavy work is done by them.

6. Botball Robotics Program

Botball Robotics — It is an educational robotics programme that emphasises on engaging middle and high school kids in team-oriented robotics competitions. This fantastic young robotics tournament also encourages kids to learn to code, explores the application of Artificial Intelligence and the development of self-driving robots.The entire tournament lasts for a period of seven weeks, during which the teams must design,develop,and build their robot in order to compete against other participants.

7. National Robotics Challenge

The National Robotics Challenge involves simple resources and kits to encourage kids in designing smaller and cost-effective robots. This is a fantastic kids robotics competition that helps children learn more about automation and robotics. The tournament usually involves mazes, and search and rescue tasks. While the tournament is primarily aimed for kids, it is also open to college students and graduates.

8. VEX Robotics

The VEX Robotics Competition is one of the world’s largest primary robotics competitions that attracts thousands of teams.The Robotics Education and Competition Foundation manages the VEX Robotics competitions and programmes.As the world’s fastest growing robotics-based event, it witnesses competitors from 50 different nations, resulting in over 1700 distinct events all around the world.The competition enables school- children to obtain a fantastic hands-on experience working with robots.

9. TechnoXian

TechnoXian- This popular robotics tournament gives kids a chance to show off their engineering skills. This Robotics Competition for kids promotes creativity and automation by offering a variety of challenge-based events,and it is available to school students as well as those pursuing graduation.The majority of the tournaments centre around racing, while a handful of events also include Robo War tournaments.

10. MakeX

MakeX is a student robotics contest that fosters all aspects of STEAM. The competition involves challenging rounds of puzzles and problems that allow children of all ages to learn about robotics.They also offer a lot of help online, which makes the programme more affordable. Furthermore,the programme is appropriate for children as young as six,as well as young adults and college students. The competition is also available in online mode.The MakeX Spark Online Competitionis a project-based creative design initiative for kids aged 6 to 13. Participating team must concentrate on a specific theme and design a solution using software programming and hardware development.The solution will be a demonstration project and a poster that will cover subjects such as research, design-thinking process, construction plan,and results summaries.

The world around us is developing at a tremendous pace. We can help our kids to remain ahead by encouraging their desire for knowledge. Robotics tournaments and challenges are a great way to do this since they make learning enjoyable. Enroll your children in such competitions to help them grow into the intellectual geniuses that they are.

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