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The Botman is Calling You

5 Benefits of Learning Robotics at Young Age

Gone are the days where we used to rely on humans to complete tasks. Digital assistants challenge us to be technologically competent day by day. There’s so much criteria and algorithms running behind these smart devices that simplify our work in all walks of life. Robotics empower the future generation students to use the technology in the right way. An early start in learning robotics will come a long way in your child’s life. How? Take a look at the perks of learning robotics at young age —

1. Act 1 Scene 1: BOT Enters the Stage

Robots are programmable machines that imitate human activities. While adults themselves get excited when you take robots’ names, imagine how your kids would feel? Students will learn block based coding to visualize and create robots purely based on their imagination. Now, don’t you think that will help them articulate their thoughts in the best possible way?

Young minds will understand the complex layers of humans and bring it to life — creating robots — and create a sustainable environment for both.

2. Gives a Reality Check

Learning robotics is more of an eye-opener to the kids. They might even want it more as they get deeper into the studies. Robotics allows more engagement to take place both at inter and intra personal levels. The hands-on learning will strengthen students’ knowledge in the field of robotics. Students will learn, unlearn and relearn the way technology revolves around them.

3. Boosts Mental Growth

This should be the first and foremost reason for you to learn robotics. Robotics enables children to offer real — life solutions even to the most complex puzzles. These puzzles help kids grow through several layers of technology and understand the crux of it. Robotics is a roller coaster ride that rejuvenates the brains. Students can develop complex problem solving, strategic problem-solving, computational thinking, higher order thinking, logical and analytical reasoning, etc., which will help them take sound decisions even as they grow.

4. Develops Future — proof Skills

Exposure to robotics will prepare young minds to create an innovative world. Students can discover if their aptitudes and interests align with the skills that define the job market of the future. Needless to say, technology is and will continue to rule the roost in all walks of life. Hence, educating children on robotics is a wise decision that will help them land in a secured job in the future.

5. Fosters Communication Skills

Verbal, non-verbal, written, listening, visual are the major communication channels. A new entrant is peeping into this classroom now — technological communication. Stemming from digital communication, technological communication aims for one to get acquainted with various technological platforms. Robotics will introduce students to various communication streams in order to understand and decode the logic. With a sound knowledge in both conventional and technological communication skills, students will be able to develop robots. There you go — The Dawn of Botman!!

What are you waiting for? The Botman is calling you. Learn Robotics in the most innovative way at Rancho Labs. Let’s start working towards the future of mankind.

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