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Technological Innovations in Maternity

“If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?” — Milton Berle

Mothers deserve every bit of admiration, respect and love in all the forms. From carrying you for nine long months in her womb to getting you ready for school, she has poured her heart and soul in bringing you up.

However, she goes back to her daily grind the next day, with her works hardly being noticed. No one can do what a Mom does and there is no replacement for her. Hence it is our duty to give back to our mothers and to motherhood. We could do something to lessen her work, manage her time better, so that she gets more time to focus on herself. Today, let’s look at various tech innovations that help mothers navigate through their lives a bit easily.

Innovations in the Past

Women, in general, were treated as workers in the past due to a male-chauvinistic society, where the men work outside and the women work inside. As time and society progressed, women started to work in offices, thus making it difficult to manage her child and family. It became necessary to invent things that would make life easier for mothers and parents. These included, Diapers, pacifiers, Toys and Walkers for the baby, Washing machines, dishwashers, blenders and the like to ease her in cooking and Breastfeeders to assist the mother in feeding her baby

Innovations in the Present

The past innovations are still used but it called for people to invent more useful gadgets to assist mothers during pregnancy and child care. The pain points for mothers in taking care of children were identified and various new technologies were devised. Some of the most innovative and useful inventions are:

Hemafuse Pump

Postpartum Hemorrhage happens at least 1 in every 100 women during pregnancy. In some cases, blood is not available to replace the blood lost due to hemorrhage. Hence, the people at Sisu Global invented Hemafuse, a device that is used to recycle/reuse the blood lost and possibly saving lives.

Baby Change-N-Go

All mothers would have faced this. Their baby going poo-poo on the diapers in a public place. The people at Baby Change-N-Go have understood this and devised a “safe, private, clean and portable” diaper changing station. It helps parents change diapers of their child hassle-free.

Remote Controlled Motorized Baby Walkers

Uff! It’s tough managing kids, isn’t it? It is too stressful to be with them all the time. Leave them alone, they create chaos. How great would it be if we could control children with a remote control? Yes, it’s possible (although not like robots). The Baby Walker consists of sensors in a normal walker with a remote control in the hands of an adult. The sensors help in preventing collisions with objects.

The advent of the internet opened a whole new avenue of possibilities for mothers. Previously, mothers used to feed their baby by showing the birds that fly or the people that trot on the road, but nowadays, they tune into their favourite YouTube channels to show videos that attract children. This is how the internet is influencing mothers and children alike.The new age of internet helps mothers in the following ways:

  • Telemedicine to guide pregnant mothers without having to leave their homes.

  • Peanut is a social network for expecting mothers who share tips and life hacks.

  • HeraCare is a digital pregnancy monitoring platform which helps in managing schedules, provide extensive support and the like.

  • Women could continue to take care of their children by working from home.

  • Writing blogs, starting Youtube channels, teaching people online and freelancing provide ways for mothers to earn additional income in their free time. Digital Literacy Campaigns to make old-fashioned mothers familiar with the internet. It helps with being able to catch up with their tech kids.

Innovations in the future

Necessity is the mother of invention” and it is a necessity to invent for motherhood. Newer tech helps in improving the lifestyle of mothers around the world. Premature birth affects more than 1 million foetuses each year in India.Majority of the complications are caused by the delayed detection of it. Hence PregnanTech is working on Lioness, a smart and disposable solution to reduce the risk of premature birth. Clinical trials for this product have started and it is expected to hit the market by 2022. After the birth of the child, a virtual personal assistant like a robot may be used in the future for the complete care, monitoring and protection of the newborn. This would relieve a major stress for the new mothers. People in the field of tech can continue to motivate people to build newer stuff that helps mothers. For instance, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation have released challenges to Create New Technologies to Improve the Health of Mothers and Newborns in 2010.

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