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Roteman vs Rancho: Who Survived the Expedition?

Two people chose two different paths during an expedition. Roteman chose a direct path in order to avoid any confusion. Initially, he enjoyed walking through the simple path that bore nothing but direction boards. After sometime, he expected to meet someone new or something interesting to take place. Unfortunately, he got to see few people who were doing nothing but monotonous activities. Suddenly, when he thought there’s more to go, his journey came to an end. He reached the destination even before he thought he would. Upon wondering how he reached there abruptly, a passerby told him this — “Simple. Just by following the sign boards.” Then it occurred to him that, “Yes. I did nothing but follow the directions.” Although he reached the destination, he did not enjoy the journey. Due to lack of growth and exposure to challenges, he was totally clueless about his next step. Poor Roteman did not feel like participating in the expedition anymore.

Rancho on the other hand, chose a path different from Roteman’s. He was taken aback by the amount of vastness the path led to. Every time he thought he got lost, he found a new way which was both a delight to watch and a treat to explore. Going through all the twists and turns, Rancho discovered new, exciting routes. Travelling through these paths, he learnt a lot of lessons. He evolved through the course of changes in the direction. Eventually, when Rancho finished the expedition, he felt happy, and content, because his whole journey became meaningful. He went on and started creating new ways which solved a lot of problems in the society. The expedition that Roteman and Rancho took up was called “life.”

Roteman’s path resembles rote learning methodology that demands to blindly follow the directions. Whereas, Rancho’s route displays the qualities of conceptual learning that allows the students to think in all possible dimensions. It gives rise to innovation, creativity and better productivity.

The story of Roteman and Rancho emphasizes that innovation is the utmost key to survive in the world. Here are the ways to be more innovative right from young age:

1. Power Play -

While playing games, children tend to view ideas differently and see that the effects of their moves are safe. Through the play they take risks they otherwise might not. Hence, even if they trip somewhere, failure is framed only as an idea that just didn’t work out. Chances are always second last for them. Children tend to look at problems as challenges. Even one right solution to their curious questions opens up a wide number of possibilities.

2. Start with why -

Young minds are always inquisitive, trying to understand why things work in a particular fashion? Questioning the functioning of an activity will make them wonder and search for answers for them. Tony Wagner, author of Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People Who Will Change the World says that, “the average child asks 100 questions a day. But by the time a child is 10 or 12, he or she has figured out that it’s much more important to get right answers than to keep asking thoughtful questions.” Do you stumble while answering your child’s never-ending questions? Don’t ever shoo away them during such instances. Rather, encourage them to come up with solutions that would make the world a better place. Ask them to break down things to understand how it is fixed.

3. Being flexible and open to learn -

Remember what Roteman chose in the beginning of the story? He chose a direct, simple, risk-free path with a fixed mindset. He ended up spending all the time trying to follow just the directions. Perhaps, Rancho exhibited a contrasting attitude. He followed the grow through what you go through strategy. A growth mindset enables kids to believe that the characteristics, talents, and ideas they have are just the starting point. They can either switch to another path or develop themselves in the chosen area. It creates a passion for learning rather than hunger for approval. Challenge the kids to apply what they’ve learnt to new situations.

Final Word

But, how to become the next Rancho? Where to find such a platform to exhibit your talents and passion? We have got you covered. Rancho Labs’ Young Innovators Program enables young minds to:

  • Adapt to changes

  • Find their know-how zones

  • Confront challenges

  • Gradually gain technological competency

  • Create positive competition among the peer group

  • Will help manage crises and provide real-life solutions to day-to-day issues.

  • Be a creator, not a creature when circumstances arise.

The Young Innovators Program is a 5-week experiential program conducted by IITians for grades 6 to 10 focused on technology and innovation with a unique methodology to Learn, Build, and Innovate. Students can enroll in either Batch 1- 15th March, 2021 or Batch 2- 1st April, 2021 accordingly.

The spark that you get in the middle of the night is your defining moment. Don’t let that fade away, young innovator. What are you waiting for? It’s time to take up your expedition with Rancho Labs. Sign up for the Young Innovators Program and turn your dreams into reality.

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