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Paint Your Heart Out

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

Painting is one of those activities that allows you to unwind, enjoy yourself, and learn all at the same time. We can’t picture life without colors, and a painting’s significance is described by its color scheme. We know, some of you love to play with colors, so we thought you might want to know some benefits regarding it. Let’s get started!

Improved Memory

· Are you keen to memorize and summarize just like Sherlock Holmes? Then yes engaging in painting and drawing can help you achieve this, it boosts your recalling power.

· Sharpen your minds through imagination and thinking and experience less complicated conditions during your old age illnesses.

Improved Communication Skills

· Since art is about sharing your inner thoughts and feelings, you can use paintings and sketches to project all of these indescribable emotions.

· You can overcome your shortcomings by using art to break away from personal limits. Shyness, autism, and other disorders are examples of these. Majnu bhai did the same thing to express his extraordinary thoughts to Uday bhai!

Improved Problem Solving Skills

· Kyu chaunk gaye na? We knew this coming! But yes, you read that right — painting can also instigate the development of critical thinking and problem-solving.

· It enables you to realize that there can be more than one solution to a single problem; also it widens your perspective on various situations.

Relieves Stress

· After boring math and science class, give yourself some time to relax!

· Exit temporarily from the world of fears, worries and stress. Trust us, it works.

Increase of EQ (Emotional Intelligence)

One can gain a greater understanding of his conflicting feelings by allowing his emotions to flow through art. When conducting these activities, one should play with emotions of excitement, harmony, affection, and satisfaction.

Given the advantages of painting, it is apparent that these practices can be extremely beneficial in fostering your well-being. Painting and drawing on a regular basis will enhance not only your visual and motor skills but also kick-start your mental and emotional capacities. Painting and drawing are hobbies that everyone will participate in, so they are certainly worth a try.

You might face a few failures while being on this journey of your hobby. But remember — Failure is an inevitable fact of life — a human experience — and many famous creators have struggled in their endeavors. Over his career, artist Vincent van Gogh only sold one painting and it was to a personal friend. Despite this, he continued to create sculpture, producing over 1,000 pieces in the final two years of his life. Any of his most famous paintings now fetch tens of thousands of dollars. We profit as people from the inspirational stories of such artists who have learned from their mistakes and this is where we see their true strengths emerge.

When faced with failure, it’s easy to abandon your craft; the harder thing to do is to confront those failures head-on. Go ahead and pursue your hobby with full dedication — you never know when that can turn into your profession in no time — paying you high paychecks.

Nevertheless, don’t forget to attend your classes! Happy Painting!

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