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Mother’s Magic

Every day is Mother’s Day. But, Why is it so Special Today?

She brings us into the world. Introduces us to the good and bad. Walks by our side, runs behind us, selflessly and tirelessly throughout her life. Her unconditional love for us keeps pouring in right from our first breath. No matter what, she’s there with us through our thick and thin. A best friend, caretaker, well wisher, mentor, support system, super woman, name it, she’s got everything in her — she’s a MOTHER!

It is almost impossible to describe a mother’s love. Most of the time we go speechless. Yet, we try to express the least of what we feel with the help of words. The fact that today’s Mother’s Day raises an instant question in our heads — but, everyday is a mother’s day right? Then what makes it different today alone?? Well, let’s look back in time and see what gave rise to what is today celebrated as Mother’s Day, shall we?

Story Time — History of Mother’s Day

Once upon a time, in the 19th century, there was a woman named Ann Reeves Jarvis, a peace activist initiated and set up Mother’s Day Work Clubs in Virginia, the USA, to teach local woman how to properly care for children during the Civil War period. Over time, these clubs promoted and nurtured friendship and health among fellow mothers.

Years later, Anna Maria Jarvis, famously known as Anna Jarvis, the daughter of Ann Reeves Jarvis became the founder of the Mother’s Day. Anna Jarvis brought in the Mother’s Day celebrations into existence in the US in 1908 as a recognition to honor the sacrifices of both, her mother and mothers towards children across the world. She believed that mothers give us more than the universe. And hence, this was the sole reason behind initiating a holiday to respect mothers and their selflessness. However, as the years passed, Jarvis herself developed a detachment towards the commemoration of the Mother’s Day.

The notion behind this movement was welcomed by various countries and was adopted to their own cultures. For instance, in India, Mother’s Day is celebrated every 2nd Sunday of May, in UK, it’s celebrated in the month of March, etc.

Back to the Present

Now, looking back at the history of Mother’s Day, somewhere down the lane, it does make sense isn’t it? Recognizing the selfless sacrifices made by our mothers to ensure our well being. Of course, every day is mother’s day. But today, it is our duty to acknowledge and realize mothers for who they are in our lives.

Thinking about the ways in which we can celebrate our mother’s motherhood, we have got you 5 Quickies that will immediately help you bring a wide smile on your mother’s face . Before we jump into it, go and give your mumma a squishy, squashy, tight hug!!


Okay, here we go —

1. Personalized Mason Jars

Mason jars might be the right fit for your creative mind. They can be stored for years and years. Get a mason jar, craft it in your own way and gift it to your mum with some fresh flowers. You can also add small thank you notes inside the mason jar. We’re sure this will make her happy!

2. Sapling

Plants have the power of making the house more aesthetic. If your mother loves gardening, gift her a sapling. Or, help her start a new home garden that will recreate your housing atmosphere. You can also spend some quality time with your mum by watering these plants daily.

3. Cooking

Mums are out there cooking your favourites day in and day out. Give them an off. Let them take leave from the kitchen. You can cook their favourite dish or bake some cool desserts. We’re sure they will love devouring it when you make them by yourself irrespective of the taste :P

4. Screen Time — aha! Its For Your Mum

Movies are indeed a great form of recreation. But today, be cautious enough to hand over the remote to your mother. Ask her to pick a choice of hers and accompany her along the movie. You never know, you too might end up liking your mother’s tastes/genre of movie(s)!

5. Greeting Cards

Unleash your creativity and make a DIY, hand-made greeting card for your mom this mother’s day. Doodle you and your mum, write a catchy one-liner. Do whatever you feel like. In case you are running out of ideas, here we are with the best set of ideas to craft a card.

Similar to greeting cards, you can also give a more personalized gift to your mother. Although it’s not looked up to that much these days, they never go out of style. We are talking about Letters!

Yes, write a personal letter to your mumma/grandma/aunt, whoever plays the motherly role in your life. Thank them for coming into your life and creating the best version of you. We’re sure they would love to read such letters!!

We hope the above mentioned quickies will help you win your mother’s heart for the day. So, go on and get started!!

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