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Future Trends in AI

Imagine yourself being the supervisor for a Construction company, you instruct the workers to do tasks like placing bricks, applying cement and what not. The workers will do what is specified, with the knowledge that they already have in construction, to build a house. How cool is that?

A variety of people are blinded by the fact that Artificial Intelligence is meant to be only humanoid robots talking to humans, but AI is much more than that. AI is not just an assembled set of robotic pieces with a CPU, it could be as simple as a software inside our computer.

How should AI be?

Artificial Intelligence is mainly composed of knowledge in Philosophy, Mathematics, Psychology, Computer science and Linguistics. A perfect artificial intelligence system is one which is as close to humans in understanding and acting accordingly. It uses the knowledge in various fields to understand speech and text, arrive at rational decisions and act diligently. Like a human, an Artificial Intelligence system should learn from its environment regularly to keep itself updated. If an agent/robot is purchased by a non-technical owner, she should be able to train the agent by providing feedback. Hence an AI system should operate in an intentional, intelligent and adaptive manner and help the humans that use them.

How is AI affecting us today?

There have already been vast improvements to the naive mathematical and philosophical concepts. Computer players for games have been developed, which has been successful in defeating their human counterparts.

For instance, Deep Blue, a chess-playing computer made by IBM comfortably defeated the then world chess champion, Garry Kasparov. Similar versions of varying difficulty have been made for various games. Google Ads and YouTube Recommendations use AI to generate personalized ads for you based on your history. Facial unlocking feature in mobile phones and security systems alike uses Deep Learning, on what I would call a cousin of AI, to detect faces and avoid intruders. The fluency and accuracy of translation systems, for example Google Translate, uses AI to process the language and translate it.

Apart from these obvious improvements that we experience and use in our day to day lives, there have been many findings that are continuing to improve the quality of our lives.

Do you need more reasons to convince you? This is just the beginning, the future has more opportunities than this. The wise Plato once said, “Necessity is the mother of invention”. Machines were built to reduce the labour of the human. AI systems will be built to reduce the thinking needs of the human.

What the future has in store for us?

Driverless Cars

This has already been started by Tesla, and these are really futuristic. All the necessary input regarding knowledge about signs and traffic rules are given along with what you should in each scenario, like stopping the car if the distance is too low between cars, stopping at red lights, paying attention to signs, all whilst giving the maximum comfort to the passengers inside. Though in its initial stages, it is expected to hit the markets very soon and not expected to hit barriers and other cars.

Robotic Process Automation

One thing that is for sure is that the world of Artificial Intelligence would be an automated one, that is, there would be very little or no human interaction required in processes and other tasks. Robotic process automation refers to the use of machine learning to automate tasks dependent on rules. It will help individuals focus on crucial aspects of their work and leave the routine work to machines.

Virtual Personal Assistant

You need not be a Donald Trump or an Elon Musk to have a personal secretary. A robot would do that task for you. It could keep track of all the schedules, maintain a record of what you say, remind you to wish your friend for his birthday and even crack jokes with you. Though not a humanoid version, virtual assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa have already entered the market and making lives simpler through voice control because, honestly, typing the content is too mainstream isn’t it.

Data Analysis in Marketing

Big data is another key word in today’s industry. Handling lots of data is necessary. What’s more important is to obtain key insights from this data. This is a task too tedious for humans to do. Enter computers and boom, they do it easily, all you have to do is tell them what to do. These are very helpful especially for businesses who would use this data to improve their product and sales. These understandings are then implemented to increase revenue.

Cook for You

Let’s face it, people hate cooking and this is one of the main reasons for the growth of food delivery apps. The common man is too lazy to cook themselves but is also stressed by the need to eat healthy home-made food. That is where your cooking robot could help you. You could just enter one of your favourite dishes made by your mom and abracadabra, the robot does it for you. But I’m sure the robot could do all things but one, replace the authenticity of mom’s food.

Enhanced Customer Support

Although this is already in place, this could be improved by having designated support agents for each and every customer who could ask it their doubts and get it clarified. This will significantly reduce the human intervention to propose solutions to their problems. Additionally, the agent could be well equipped with infrastructure to even fix the fault for the user. This would save time and money for the agency.

Better Healthcare

This will be one of the most critical uses of AI. Analysing X-Rays to identify fractures if any, find out tumours from an MRI scan that may not be noticed by human doctors, finding out the newest medicines (don’t ask me why AI hasn’t found out a cure for coronavirus), all these could be done with the help of AI

Google has been successful in diagnosing diseases of the eye through its DeepMind machine. With appropriate knowledge and medical records, these systems could even be able to predict a global pandemic beforehand and make us well prepared. All these are still in the development stage and need a lot of data before implementing a wide scale system, but the opportunities these present are simply too good to ignore.

Better Natural Language Processing

Natural Language processing refers to the recognition and manipulation of speech and text into a more useful form. The most important use of NLP is translation apps like Google translate. Though the system that we have at present is pretty adequate, there is still room for improvement. Things like emotion, sarcasm, puns and word plays could be detected to make Artificial intelligence more Natural.

Online Learning

They could be made to teach you about the subjects and act as a personal tutor, which many students require. They could possibly be better teachers, developed to understand emotions, and also don’t forget concepts. You need not worry about not having a favourite teacher, they could be trained to have their own style of teaching and their slangs to differ from the monotonous tone of robots.

AI could be the sibling you never had, the mentor you always wanted, and also maybe your ideal partner(literally). These trends also come up with their own job opportunities (link to the other article on job opportunities in AI) and often come with hefty salaries. If you are one of those entrepreneurs or researchers, you could devise your own humanoid robot and be the Rajinikanth yourself (though I can’t guarantee you would get a girlfriend like Aishwarya Rai). Nevertheless, this is an exciting field and it wouldn’t go away anytime soon. You could be a pioneer in this field or you could just flex your natural intelligence on artificial robotic stuff amongst your friends, this is a field that is sure to rule the world, in a good way.

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