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Essential Skills to be a Roboticist

There are various scopes of robotics that have been successful in attracting tech enthusiasts over a course of time. It has also shaped the future of numerous students and proved itself to be a worthy profession, however, if you aspire to be a roboticist you should have certain skills that are vital when it comes to robotics. Here are some of the important skills that an individual must possess:

Systems Thinking

Robotics requires a lot of knowledge when it comes to dealing with robots. You have to have knowledge in various areas such as mechanics, electronics, electrics, programming, psychology, etc. One should have a command over the underlying principles to tackle robotic systems efficiently. It requires an individual to establish relation between society and systems. System thinking also involves an understanding about how output can be transferred from one system to the other. It is an identification and problem-solving approach. It demands an individual to learn dealing with risk and uncertainty.

Being Robotics Savvy

‘Being savvy’ means having the proper practical knowledge in a particular field. Practical knowledge forms the basis for making right decisions and judgements. Robotics is one of those fields that requires adequate practical knowledge. One can be ‘robotics savvy’ by acquiring sufficient training with robots.


One of the vital skills that robotics demands is a typical programming mindset. Robotics solutions can be built with the help of a programming mindset. It is an important skill to enter the robotics world. Robotics may require programming of a high-level system or a beginner’s level. One should have the knowledge of interacting hardware with the real world. There are various programming languages such as Python, C, C++ that a good roboticist should have a command over. MATLAB & JAVA are other important programming languages that find wide application in robotics. You can go long way if you have an understanding of writing decent code in these languages.

Adaptability & Flexibility

This means that one should be capable enough to make robot cells responsive to the change in business and products. One must know to choose software that is adaptable. It is also important for an individual to develop systems that fit well in the surroundings and work accordingly.

Artificial Intelligence Basics

One must have the basic knowledge of Artificial Intelligence to land oneself into robotics. Robots utilize artificial intelligence to solve real life problems. It loses existence without AI. These help robotic systems to make certain movements and interact with humans. Hence, it is vital that an individual has the knowledge of AI.

Problem Solving

It is one of the most important skills that an individual should have in order to sustain himself/herself in robotics. Any project that attains success is based on the ability of the team members to trace problems and solve them effectively. One must have the knowledge to choose apt tools and resort to the use of proper technology. If you enjoy solving complex problems, robotics is a field that you must choose. AI can solve several problems that are beyond the reach of humans, however, if a problem fails to define itself, humans need to solve the problem. One must identify problems and evaluate options to implement solutions.

Active Learning

Active learning is an important aspect that robotics demands. One must be keen to take up new tasks and add new skills to his/her life. Some people aren’t enthusiastic enough to learn new skills. A person must have an attitude that lets him/her be a better version of himself/herself with every passing day. Every time one involves oneself into a new project, one gets to learn. Active learning is an important aspect that one requires. It can be utilized in the form of reading, comprehending and learning new strategies that help you to grow and develop.

Technology Design

Technology designing is the ability of an individual to effectively design systems that work. It is excessively important for an individual to build designs that actually work. Robotics takes up various technologies that need effective designing. A person should have a command over technology design, since, the way a robot is designed depends upon the technology designer.

Good Communication

Good communication is a soft skill which every work demands. When you have a good communication skill, you can explain the concepts and workings to the person who isn’t a specialist. Good communication skill is an important channel of factor in every field. A roboticist is expected to speak clearly so as to pass on the information. One must also be a good listener to listen to others and ask relevant questions.


Mathematics and robotics are two inseparable terms that together make up ‘robotics’. One of the core skills of robotics is Mathematics. It’s really difficult to excel in robotics without Mathematics. Robotics deals with understanding and manipulating concepts at a beginner’s level. Geometry is an important concept of mathematics which helps in understanding technical drawings.

Decision Making

A roboticist has to make various choices depending upon the prevailing situation, hence, if one is firm in decision making, it would be easy for an individual to make choices without wasting much of his time/efforts. Critical thinking helps a person to balance the weakness and strength effortlessly. Judgements help individuals to draw conclusions and have alternative approaches to a particular problem. Judgement also comes to play when it comes to cost evaluation and choosing the desired option.


An individual must possess the skill to reason out things quite well. If anything doesn’t go well, one should be quick in reasoning what steps should be taken and the problem that landed one in such a situation. A person must know the strength and weakness and analyze ideas well. Combining ideas and reaching a conclusion should be ne of the important traits. It also involves reading and comprehending to understand certain work-related documents and take required actions.

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