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10 DIY Tech Projects for Kids to Try at Home

Children developing a DIY for at home

One might wonder about when the right time is to introduce their kids to the world of technology and be worried about it’s impact on them as well. However, this subject doesn’t need to be very daunting as even the simplest things one finds at home can be transformed into fun techs that don’t require high end technology or need advanced lessons to come across as educational.

Summer’s here and kids are itching to spend their time actively and what better way than by introducing some Do It Yourself activities to keep their minds nimble and on the go! Here are some fun DIY technological projects that children can do with their parents at the comforts of their home, spending the summer safe whilst building crazy fun projects that’ll keep them occupied creatively!

  1. Solar Powered Paper House

Solar Panels are an environment friendly way of generating electricity be it for lights or even water heaters! They make use of sunlight as their energy source which is turned into electricity by the photovoltaic cells within the panels. Introduce the young ones to this eco-friendly option by building a simple house using a mini solar panel, a light source and some wires to make the connection and let them enjoy the magic of sunshine!

2. Your Own Google Logo

Google’s always got a trick or two up their sleeves to make the search engine cheerful, informative and fun! Google logos always appear fun and creative, but what if it could be made by the kids, the way they want it? It’s possible folks! Follow this link to get your kids to personalize their google logos and make it appear, just the way they like it!

3. Paper Circuits

Lets see how simple electric circuits can be made by children using some construction sheets, aluminum foil/ copper tape, a coin battery and a small LED light. This fun little activity can be customized to designs they love and want to create on their own! It is also a great way to introduce young ones to Printed Circuit Boards or commonly called PCBs, which have numerous uses and are used even in phones and computers!

4. Circuit Turkey

This fun little activity just requires some pompoms, googly eyes, a few LEDs, a coin battery, tape and some glue! Kids can make their very own mini Circuit Turkey or Turkeys and enjoy the luminescent little toys. Check out the link here to create circuit turkeys!

5. String Phones

Perhaps the easiest and the most fun out of all the projects, these phones only require some string and paper cups! The oldest form of communication, make these fun fun phones with the kids and teach them what the science behind this activity is while using the homemade phones!

6. Tiny Dancers

Let’s take fun to the next level with these mini copper wire dancers that are sure to leave both children and parents smiling at their fruit of labor! This little project requires some copper wire, tiny magnets and a battery. Check out how to make your own mini dancers right here!

7. QR code Kids

This activity can be done with both parents and kids where a sweet message can be recorded, for which a QR code can be generated. Loved ones can then scan these QR codes to hear the little ones messages for them and vice versa. A QR code can be generated for the audio clip using the website Vocaroo. These QR codes can be printed out along with their photos, pasted and be used to scan them. So get recording and surprise the little ones with this project!

8. Cardboard Laptop

Build a laptop with your children from scratch! This activity only requires some cardboards, printouts and aluminum foil and glue. This activity helps introduce the kids to technology in an unplugged manner while allowing them to explore the nuances of a computer. Follow the link here to see how they can make their first laptop!

9. iPhone Speaker

Let the kids build a speaker for your phone using some simple at home items after which they can watch the cartoons they love at a better volume! This activity only requires a paper cup, some tape and a paper tissue roll. Check out the link to see the instructions to make this dandy, kid friendly piece of technology.

10. Harry Potter Wands

Have a love for Harry Potter? Well build one’s very own wand before deciding to visit Hogwarts! Kids only require some copper tape or wires, coin batteries, LEDs and some craft sticks to make their very own wizards or fairy wands! Click on the link to find the instructions to help the little ones make their first wands!

Children having fun developing tech projects

So have a fun time with your tiny tots making and building these activities at home, staying safe while teaching them the simple concepts of technology with the help of items that are within one’s grasp!

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