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Career opportunities in Robotics

Do you have that zeal for robotics in you? Innovation runs in your veins. Do you wish to build your career in robotics? Well, this article may serve your search. Robotics has found its application almost in all walks of human’s life. There are innumerable opportunities in robotics, however, the most important among those include:

Robotics Programmer

Robotic Programmers are those who perform the task of feeding robots with programs to carry out certain functions. They are required to deal with stimulation programs, robotic dress, safety setup and others. The skills and qualifications required to be a robotics programmer include a required technical degree from an authorized college of the country. NASA, Google, Briantech, iRobot are some of the leaders who hire Robotics Programmers.

Robotics Technicians

Robotic Technicians are required to assist electrical and mechanical engineers in carrying out the production, development, operational duties associated with robots. Their earnings depend upon their experience in the desired field. The requirement for an individual to attain a job of Robotic Technician is an Associate’s Degree in electromechanical or automation engineer technology. In India, Amazon and Tesla motors hire Robotic Technicians in India.

Robot Design Engineer

Robot Engineers hold the responsibility developing robotic systems and research methods to build robots economically. They make use of Computer Aided Design and Drafting(CADD).The annual salary of a Robot design engineer can go up to 11–12 lakhs. One can obtain the job of Robot Engineer by acquiring the degree of electrical engineering from any suitable college of the country. Leading companies that hire Robot Design Engineers include greyOrange, KUKA Robotics, PARI, etc.

Robotics Test Engineer

Robotics Test Engineer is assigned the duty of testing a robot after all instructions are duly fed into the robot. It is the task of a Robotics Test Engineer to test various procedures on the robots on a daily basis.It is also subject to experience and skills. One requires a degree in engineering to become a robotics test engineer. Some of the robotics companies in India are Invento Robotics, Fanuc India, ASIMOV Robotics, etc.

Senior Robotics Specialist

A senior robotics specialist is required to work closely with Project management and Engineering to understand and develop application solutions. They also have to deal with monitoring issues associated with virtual reality. Gridbots and Systemantics robotics in India hire robotics specialists.

Automated Product Designer Engineer

Automated Product Designer Engineers are responsible for designing robots and executing the underlying principles.Product Designer Engineers should have a relevant degree in engineering along with product designing. Sastra robotics is one of the leading robotics companies in India that hires automated product designers.

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