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Build Your Own Robot

The car that your father drives- do you know that its parts are assembled and painted by a robot? Robots are fascinating. Isn’t that something everyone will agree on? Robotics is now classified as a General Purpose Technology, given how it affects our daily lives and is becoming more popular with each passing day. Just learning about Robotics isn’t enough, until you try it yourself- Making a robot. Sounds cool?

Why make a Robot?

In addition to STEM Education, research shows that robotics may foster other broader abilities such as hands-on creativity, problem solving, communication, and cooperation. So, teaching robotics isn’t only about preparing your child for a job as a computer programmer or engineer, but also about providing them with the technological and problem-solving abilities they’ll need in school and at work.

Here are some of the easy and exciting robotics kits to try :

  1. Lego Boost Creative Toolbox

Legos are always entertaining and interesting for children, but this robot kit adds some high-tech components to the classic toy. This 847-piece package comes with five cool programmable designs: a robot, guitar, cat, rover, and auto-builder. It’s designed for youngsters aged 7 to 12, and it’ll bring hours of entertainment and creativity. It’s compatible with its own smartphone software, Lego Boost, which is accessible on iOS, Android, Kindle, and Windows 10 devices. It’s also compatible with several other Lego designs, which adds to the fun and innovation.

2. Dash Coding Robot

In comparison to other robotic kits that need substantial construction and engineering beforehand,Dash is more suited for amateurs because it arrives charged and ready to play for roughly five hours. It will, however, improve your abilities because it comes with an astonishing five iPhone and Android applications that allow users to teach the robots to sing, draw, and dance, among other things. The Go app, for example, exposes you to the robot’s lights, noises, sensors, and motions, while the Wonder app employs a picture-based coding language and the Blockly app offers more complex coding ideas through projects and puzzles.

3. Botley-the coding robot

Botley, this 77-piece activity kit comes with detachable arms, coding work papers, and a plethora of other entertaining accessories for building obstacle courses. If you’re concerned about how much time your child spends in front of a screen, be assured that this set doesn’t require any apps and instead functions via an easy-to-use remote. So , even if you aren’t tech-savvy enough, this is a low-cost, easy-to-learn introduction to coding and robotics.

Want to experiment even more with your creative instincts ?

Try these exciting and easy-to-make robots that you can even build at home all by yourself.

  1. Bristle-Bot

A bristle-bot is a basic and small robot that you may make at home with a toothbrush. Remove the toothbrush bristle and connect a tiny pre-isolated motor to some coin cell batteries. This little setup is simple to construct, but the experience of doing so is gratifying and enjoyable for children. Here’s a video that will show you how to build a bristlebot step by step: How to Make a Bristlebot

2. Rowing-Boat Robot

Tired of seeing robots just walk about on the floor? This rowing-boat robot, powered by a DC motor and two batteries, can float and move across the water. During the summer, you can make rowing-boat robots with your buddies and take them to the pool. Here’s a video that will guide you through the construction of this robot: Making Toy: Rowing Robot .

3. A Mini Bug Robot

This tiny creature functions in the same way as the Bristlebot, but it has six legs to move around on! You’ll need to employ a vibrating motor again, but this time it’ll be connected to even less other pieces. As a consequence, you have a wonderful insect robot that moves about with wire legs. One of the simplest robots to build and play with. If you set your mind to it, you can also create an army of these tiny buggers. Here’s a step by step guide for your assistance: How to Make a Mini Robot bug .

4. Drawing Robot

You can build a painter robot that will craft actual robot art for you! All that you would require are a few markers and a piece of cardboard. A vibrating motor will start it in action, as with other easy DIY robots for kids ideas. Only other tools that you need will be glue and your hands. Follow this : How to make a Motorized Drawing Robot , and to your delight, your robot will suddenly come to life, whirling crazily in bright circles.

5. Tin Can Robot

The Tin Can Robot- with just a discarded Coke can, and an AA battery, you can build a fun and functioning bot that can walk and even swing its arms. It is an excellent first design for building confidence before moving on to larger — and more expensive — robotics kits. Here, go and give it a try — How To Make A Tin Can Robot

A Joyful Challenge for the Whole Family

Begin with some simple robots to create at home, and you’ll quickly discover that this hands-on project is a satisfying family-friendly activity and will also increase your creativity and critical thinking along with time.

If you or your child is really interested in Robotics- why not learn it in an awesome way at ‘Rancho Labs’. Build a solid foundation in robotics and drone building by learning coding, various electrical and mechanical concepts and techniques.

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