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Best Robot Games to Play Online

Do you consider yourself a fan of exciting Robo Combat? Robots may be used for virtually anything, and they are absolutely great in online games. Some robot games enable you to design your own mechanical monster and equip it with lethal weapons. Other robot games allow you to go through a variety of platform levels and employ special robot abilities.

By the way, what are your thoughts on fast-paced,anime-inspired Voltron-style action? Good news: there’s a game for you. Oh,not a game. There are GAMES for you.

Here is a List of the Top Ten Most Thrilling and Action-Packed Robot Games.

1. Titanfall Series

Titanfall is developed by the team of Respawn Entertainment. It integrates fast,arcade-shooter gameplay with massive robot combat. Titanfall 2,a sequel to 2014’s Titanfall,features a single-player campaign packed with action and unique twists. Titanfall 2 introduces six all-new Titans,deadly new technologies and enhanced Pilot skills. It’s an adrenaline-fueling multiplayer game that carries forward the heritage of Titanfall. Interact with your co-pilots and explore new networks based on popularity,location,and similarities. You may also manage existing networks and build new ones. It is surely worth-trying. Isn’t-it?

2. Supreme Commander

Supreme Commander is a real-time strategy video game developed by Gas Powered Games. The motive of the game is focused on establishing a base with a massive bipedal mech known as an Armored Command Unit (or ACU),then upgrading units to higher technological levels and eventually conquering opponents. From the deadly battles to the range of soldiers and structures at your disposal,everything about this robot game is massive. Despite the fact that Supreme Commander was launched more than a decade ago, it remains the gold standard for real-time strategy games.

3. Strike Suit Zero

Strike Suit Zero is a space flying combat game developed by Born Ready. Strike Suit Zero aims to revive the space combat genre by bringing “strike mode” as a new element to the classic space combat games which usually involve dogfight-based action. It is a single-player story-driven game in which the player assumes on the character of a fighter pilot for the United Nations of Earth (U.N.E) in a major battle against the forces of the space colonies. The game is structured such that the battles do not centre solely around the player; in the background, a full war simulation between allied and enemy troops will be taking place as the player performs his specific tasks and objectives.

4. Earth Defense Force

Earth Defense Force is a video game series in which players take on the role of a third-person shooter. The series is released as part of the Simple series by the Japanese company D3 Publisher. The plot of the game goes roughly like this: Scientists detect radio transmissions from outer space in 2013,suggesting the presence of alien life. A few years later,the Earth Defense Force, a unified international military,is formed in the case that the aliens prove hostile. In every game,the player assumes the position of an EDF soldier during an alien invasion and has to protect the earth. The Earth Defense Force series presently has five core games. Earth Defense Force 6,the sequel to Earth Defense Force 5,is slated to be released in 2021, but exclusively in Japan for the time being.

5. Brigador

Brigador is an isometric real-time tactical game launched on October 16, 2015 by independent company Stellar Jockeys. Brigador: Up-Armored Edition, launched on June 2 ,2017,is the upgraded version that includes fresh introduction to game principles,rebalances the game’s general difficulty, introduces localization support, and has significant graphics updates such as stronger explosions and lighting adjustments. Brigador has two game modes: Campaign and Freelance. In Campaign mode,each mission provides the player with up to four alternatives to achieve the game’s objectives. The player can pick between three major objectives: eliminating a particular number of enemy NPCs,eliminating all of the identified captains,or destroying the orbital defence stations before escaping. The player selects a pilot,vehicle, weaponry, and a “run” of stages to finish in Freelance mode. What the player picks for their run will determine the difficulty level and the enemies they may encounter.More difficult runs may be purchased using the currency gained all through the game.


MechWarrior is a video game series based in the fictitious world of BattleTech. Players in the MechWarrior games take control of a single BattleMech and fight other BattleMechs,tanks,infantry,and other enemies from the cockpit of their machine. In MechWarrior 2,3,4,Online,and 5,you can switch to a third-person perspective.The latest entry in the series of Mechwarrior is MechWarrior 5. It has a lot of the same chunky warfare, allowing you to level large towns with your mech army. This new game has more tactical gameplay for a slower pace,as well as an emphasis on strategically expanding your forces.

7. Front Mission

Front Mission is a video game compilation that currently has 15 video games, out of which seven of them are core (numbered) entries,while the remaining five are spin-off entries.The series is predominantly rooted in the turn-based tactical role-playing genre; but,via its spin-offs,it has also expanded into other genres such as side-scrolling shooter, real-time strategy (RTS), massive multiplayer online (MMO), and third-person shooter. Players in the Front Mission series operate playable units known as wanzers, a word derived from the German word “Wanderpanzer,”or“walking tank.”Wanzers are distinct from other fighting units in that they are composed of four modular parts: the body,the left arm,the right arm,and the legs. Each part has a different function and has its own health bar. While the player mostly battles wanzers,cars,aeroplanes,and mobile weapons are also present. The enemy units often have only one component,the body,and are far more powerful than wanzers.

8. Into the Breach

Into the Breach is a turn-based strategy video game created and released by the independent firm Subset Games. It is set in the far future,where humankind is fighting an army of monstrous creatures known as the Vek. To fight them,the player commands soldiers who operate massive mechs that may be equipped with a variety of guns,armour,and other equipment. The game has a turn-based combat system,which allows the player to coordinate their team’s activities in reaction to opponent movement and behaviours that help to forecast their attacks.

9. BattleTech

BattleTech is a Mecha turn-based strategy video game released by Paradox Interactive and developed by Harebrained Schemes. On April 24, 2018, it was launched for Windows and OS X, with a Linux release to follow. In the game,the player takes on the role of a military commander leading a team of powerful armoured vehicles known as battlemechs. The player chooses each mech’s model,pilot,weaponry,and skills;and commands an unit of four mechs (a ‘lance’) in combat. The universe of BattleTech is dominated by powerful royal houses engaged in a destructive conflict, and the player chooses one of them.

10. Hawken

Hawken is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game that is available for free. The game focuses on creating an exciting combat experience that resembles the feel of driving a mech while keeping the action fast-paced and strategic. Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, and Co-op Bot Team Deathmatch are the three game modes available.

There you have it, the top robot games for causing maximum destruction. In a series of missions, you dash, hover, and fire your way to victory while enjoying all of the characters and plot twists. Hope that you have a great time!

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