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Be the Akshay Kumar of your own life!

After watching “India’s Best Dramebaaz’’ — an Indian reality show which showcases the talent of kids (5yrs — 14yrs) with one of the highest TRPs — might have induced the insect of drama for some of you! And that is why, we are back with another hobby for you — yes, you guessed it right! DRAMAAAAA.

Don’t angry me!

Okay, so let us give you a brief idea of what all impacts can drama have in your life as a student!

1. Builds Confidence

We want that even if you’re the shyest kid in the class, take a few weeks to gently build up your self-esteem and take an active part in sessions, your comeback should be like “Apun ka fatka 440-volt ka jhatka”!

2. Improves Concentration

In any session, you are invited to take turns listening to each other’s suggestions and opinions. These exercises teach you the importance of attention, which is an ability that you would use in the real world and even in solving your math problems. ;)

3. Encourages in Co-operation

Whenever you are participating in these skits or dramas, you improve your coordination skills and sync along with the team players.

4. Develops Emotional Intelligence

By encouraging yourselves to ‘act out’ a range of emotions in a safe and supportive environment, you will be better able to understand others’ feelings and develop empathy for them. Hey maa, mataaaaaaji!

5. Nurtures friendships

By its very nature, drama can create strong bonds between you and your classmates as you laugh, learn and grow together week after week after week! *taareek pe taareek, taareek pe taareek*

6. Enhances Numeracy skills

Counting the number of beats in a song, counting the number of stars on a camping trip scene, or working out how many eggs to put in a cake are just a few examples of how being involved in a drama can help to develop your essential numeracy skills.

7. Assists physical development

Playing drama as a game can help you to gain mastery over your growing bodies and minds.

*Spotlights* “I didn’t even have 200 rupees in my pocket when I started off in this industry. Today, I have a lot,” Akshay said. Yes, he has struggled a lot — from being a waiter to Khiladiyon ka Khiladi! He is an idol for most of the amateur drama artists — he had hugged his failures and made them as his friends; outgrew them and now there’s no turning back!

We don’t encourage you to be a struggling artist, but we do want you to outgrow your failures and insecurities; such that you evolve from cocoon to a butterfly with beautiful colours.

The above discussed 7 impacts are needed to be considered if you have a keen interest in dramatics. We recommend not curbing your interests and hobbies just because of your academics, spare a fair amount of time for your recreation — with which you can instil the passion for your hidden self of dramatist.

We will try to write blogs on all the hobbies that can be pursued and explored by you at this age; eventually guide you to follow the pathway to the profession. Stay tuned!!

“Jo main bolta hu, woh main karta hun. Jo main nahi bolta woh main definitely karta hun.”

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