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7 Easy Peasy Python Projects for Beginners

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Coding might seem to terrify rookies. But if you navigate through the trail carefully, you can solve the maze and master the art of programming. You need to be mindful of the false path(s) that ‘appears’ to unravel the puzzle.

There are numerous ways to begin your journey in programming. Perhaps, you need to be cautious of choosing the right one. Start with the following 7 basic projects that transform real-life recreational activities into simple programs.



Fables always have the power of calling our attention. Why not create your own stories? This is famously known as Mad Libs Generator. This phrasal template word game allows the user to give input words (consisting of a singular noun, an adjective etc.). The program will take the data and weave a crazy story based on the input given by the user. This allows you to work on a wide range of Python concepts.

Concepts acquired through Spin a Yarn: How to input data, Concatenation.



Little did we know earlier that a guess-the-word game is so significant that it imparts coding logistics into our heads, isn’t it? The central concepts you need to keep in mind while developing this project are variables, random, integer, strings, char, input and output, and boolean. Each player will have a limited number of guesses (a counter variable is needed for limiting the guesses) to figure out the word. This is one of the interesting python projects to begin with.

Concepts acquired through Hangman: While loop, counter variable.

Rock, Paper, Scissor Game


Do you remember this geeky nerd who described a universal game? Called ……. “Scissors cuts paper, paper covers rock, rock crushes lizard, lizard poisons Spock, Spock smashes scissors, scissors decapitates lizard, lizard eats paper, paper disproves Spock, Spock vaporizes rock, and as it always has, rock crushes scissors.” It’s none other than Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory who dedicated a concise definition of Rock Paper Scissors. It’s also a well-known childhood game, isn’t it?

More to our surprise, Rock Paper Scissors can be developed into a chic, easy python project if you want to venture into programming. Perks of playing Rock Paper Scissors with Python:

  • You will comprehend conditional statements like WHILE and IF loops.

  • While programming, you can then either give an option of playing again or decide a predetermined number of moves in advance.

  • A SCORE function will also have to be created in order to decide the winner at the end — this will sharpen your decision-making skills.

Concepts acquired through Bazinga: randint function (Random function to determine the hand of each player), While loop, if, elif ladder, etc.

Rolling Dice


Every time the program runs, it will generate a random number that will fall on the dice. Can you imagine how interesting and challenging it is to develop such fun programs. And the players get to use the dice repeatedly for as long as he wants. When the user rolls the dice, the program will generate a random number between 1 and 6 (as on a standard dice). The number will then be displayed to the user. It will also ask users if they would like to roll the dice again. The program also includes a function that can randomly grab a number within 1 to 6 and print it.

Concepts acquired through rolling dice: Random module, While loop or Random numbers, overriding & Constructors

Reverse a String


Didn’t get hold of what is ESREVER? Just reverse it. Aha! That’s all about it — String Reversal. This program requires the user to input a string or character array and rearranges the string in the reverse order. One can also enhance this program by reversing a sentence. Concepts acquired through ESREVER: 3 methods can be used — [a] Slicing, [b] While loop [c] Join method.

Guess the number - python game


This program takes two inputs from the user namely, start_value and end_value and generates a random number between the two constraints. This forms the basis of conducting lotteries, board games, or merely to guess a random number. Curate lottery prices according to the number of chances a person takes to guess the number or possible outcome. Lesser the number of trials, higher the chances to win!

Concepts acquired through Lottery Wheel: Random number, While loop, Conditional statements.

Tic Tac Toe using python programming


Remember playing tic-tac-toe at the backside of notebooks during the schooldays? Guess what? You can develop this evergreen game using the python language as well. The one who attempts a trifecta of circles or crosses either diagonally, horizontally, or vertically on a 3×3 square grid is the winner. Assuming the 3x3 matrix in relation to 2D array indexing will ease the process of arriving at a solution.

Concepts acquired through Tic-Tac-Toe: For loop, If…else, Elif ladder, count.

Are you looking for more such amazing projects that give a purpose to your play? Do you want to participate in more fun learning sessions? We’ve got your back. At Rancho Labs, we help students kick-start their journey in Coding, Robotics and AI by building real-time projects and thereby enhance their technological skills. Head to www.rancholabs.in and turn your dreams into reality with India’s finest EdTech platform.

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