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Did Your Kid Say “Hello world” Yet?

5 Compelling Benefits of Learning Coding at Young Age

We are all World-Wide Wired now. The digital space is expanding rapidly in all walks of life. Kids prefer to play games in an environment managed through electronic means over the conventional ones.

Has it ever occurred to you that, what glues your kids to these supercool gadgets can educate them as well? Various online platforms offer multiple learning options. Hence, navigating through the digital world in an efficient way to offer the best to the current generation is not a child’s play.

Coming to the point, why an early start in coding leads your kid to big wins? Well, here you go –

1. Decoding Children’s WHY?

Are you on the verge of losing your patience in answering your kid’s incessant WHYs? Hold on! Research says that children develop cognitive ability to make logical connections between ages 2 and 3. This logical thinking helps them understand why things happen in a certain way and how the world really works.

Based on a recent survey, techies suggest that 8–16 years is the ideal age to introduce a child to coding, robotics and AI if they are interested. Brains build increasingly complex structures on top of existing, simpler structures during this time. And hence, exposure to programming at an early age builds these first structures. And continued exposure reinforces them.

2. Shoot, Shoot, Troubleshoot

Unlike Spanish, German or French, coding is also a language. It is a computer programming language that enables children’s communication skills. How???

The output makes sense only when you give proper input as a sender. Computers understand instructions only when they are simple. So, upon several trials and errors, the kid will develop resilience and understand how to break down and feed commands that will produce the right output. This will develop computational thinking skills of young minds.

3. Boosts Microproductivity

Breaking complex problems down into small fragments helps children –

  • See large tasks as more approachable and doable.

  • Reduce their tendency to procrastinate or suspend from solving them, merely because they don’t know where to begin.

  • This will help them arrive at a solid outcome.

Microproductivity fosters your kid’s overall productivity level. It is scientifically proven to get the work done in a faster and efficient way.

4. Unleashes Creativity

The endless quest for solution motivates children to think diversely and enhances their creativity. Kids that quickly learn to code will naturally tend to produce innovative outcomes as adults.

Solving complex problems thrown at them will eventually make them satisfied as they bring solutions to the table. This satisfaction will foster them to explore further in the programming field. Children have numerous, mind-blowing ideas. Let them bring these ideas to life through coding, robotics and artificial intelligence.

5. Comprehension

When children encounter real-life problems, through coding rather than merely absorbing the issue, they will subconsciously start observing the situation at hand. It will mould and encourage the kid to think in all possible ways. This will enable the kid to find the root cause. Eventually, coding will enhance the comprehension skills of the child.

Wakey, Wakey

Hope you understood through the aforementioned points why it is necessary for kids to step into the tech world at a young age. Hence, you need to sow the seeds of early learning to reap everlasting benefits. Let them bring their ideas to life by learning new skills.

Enough said. Dive in and experience Rancho Labs’ most sorted Coding classes coming your way, where we quench students’ thirst for knowledge, feed their curiosity and increase their appetite for learning.

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